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  • About the Reppify API


    The Reppify API enables developers to interact with the Reppify web site programmatically. This API is designed to enable you to integrate Reppify into other applications. You can use it to manage the reppify work-flow by creating jobs (called UserLists in the web API), add candidates (called users in the Reppify API) and send invitations to request that candidates score themselves. From userlists and users you can then retrieve status for each added user and eventually retrieve the score for each candidate that have shared their score. There is also a service to get the complete set of Reppify score attributes.

  • API for our Business Partner Users


    A business partner user is the hiring party in the Reppify work-flow. As a business partner you create jobs (called user lists), add and invite candidates (or users) to the job, and finally retrieve score responses and report metrics from the candidates that have responded to the invitation. In order to use the business partner set of API's you need to be registered as a business partner user in the Reppify system and apply for a API token used to access the web services.


    I. Resources for Restful Web Services

    a. User list

    b. User

    c. Report

    II. Operations for user lists (Jobs)

    a. Get list of user lists

    b. Get the details of a particular user list

    c. Create a new user list

    d. Deleting an existing user list

    III. Operations for users (Candidates)

    a. Get list of users in a user list

    b. Add a user

    c. Modify user

    d. Delete a user

    e. Get user details

    f. Get user report

    g. Get user status